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How to create a staff gallery step by step

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You try to create a staff gallery and you encounter some issues ?  Let us help you !

Here, we will guide you step by step to create you staff gallery.

First, connect to


1. on the first page , click on Sur cette première page cliquez sur « Click here to start ! » ou « Create the Staff Gallery ».

2. On ext page you will be able to fill your organization name and your email address.

By default, the creator email address becomes the owner of your staff gallery.  

If you change it, be prudent entering the new one. In case of trouble contact us.

Next page give you your ID and first password … Oops , forgot to write them down ?

Dont worry , you get a mail with them or click on « lost password » !

Page inscription



3. Now  we can create the staff gallery for real.

Nouvelle mise en page info générales


4. This page allow you to  configure your staff gallery according to your organization type : (business , non profit organization , governemental agence, sport club…).

Each organization may have different need.

Nouvelle mise en page choix de l'apparence


5. The next step, allows you to create your staff gallery members sheets.

You were the first user, the gallery’s administrator !  you can add your nicest picture and then fill your profile !

Again, the is feeded by your comments. It’s for us, the best way to enhance our soluion , thus feel free to contact us or drop a comment.

Nouvelle mise en page creation de fiches

6. In the last step, this page allows you to configure information you would like to make available on Internet.

Here again, configuration will fit your needs.

If you’d like to embed your gallery in a Web site,  you have to make it public on Internet and check the box. You can choose too information you want to make visible.


Choix des données publiques

You can pick up the gallery’s URL by clicking on « public » word.

Voir trombino public

You can integrate your gallery to a web site using this process.


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