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In order to create your staffgallery for your organization, you can upload your photos in a quick and simple way.

The advantages of this method are :

  • To create all your pages in one click
  • You can see your entire staffgallery in a limited amount of clicks
  • To start to create your organigram based on just your photos.

Remember, that the name you give to your photo files will be, once uploaded, the family name for each individual pages.

When the photos are uploaded, you may fill-in the missing information for each member.

ATTENTION : to allow members to receive their login and password, to modify their own page, if they would like, you must have already filled-in their email address.

so, they will receive  their login and password to connect to the trombino

ATTENTION : vous pouvez laisser les membres compléter eux même leur propre fiche à condition d’avoir renseigné leur adresse mail (ainsi ils recevront leur login et mot de passe pour se connecter à la plateforme trombino .fr) et d’avoir coché la case « Je souhaite prévenir les membres de la mise en ligne ».

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